The Mastro's Code

A well-placed problem always has a solution.

The Mastro's Code is a collection of fundamental concepts that have helped me to increase my cognitive perception. They are not concepts to be taken as dogmas of faith, rather they are indications to find a new awareness in approaching problems.

Why do I use the word approach instead of solving?
Take a few moments before moving on.
The answer you will read is something that only time will help you metabolize:
"A problem always presents itself when we do not have a clear knowledge of it."

This consideration brings you quickly to the next question:
"How can I tell if I have a clear knowledge of the problem I am facing?"

Getting to ask yourself a question like this, it is a real test of humility.
Do not worry if this condition makes you uncomfortable, you do not have to show it in public.
In fact, right now, you're alone with yourself and you can easily put pride aside.

This is your first step in that introspective journey that will lead you to understanding the first fundamental concept of The Mastro's Code.


Learn to know the way you approach to the problem.

Recognize your perceptual limits, work around them and become fully aware of your cognitive ability on the problem you are facing.


Learn to recognize all the features of the problem.

Carefully analyze the problem to understand every aspect of it.
Working around your perceptual limits you will discover a number of features whose management in the solution will be of fundamental importance.


Learn to develop a solution strategy.

Win the challenge with a synergy of individual tactics that go to solve every aspect of the problem you are facing.

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