It's time to leave
a mark.

Those who start well outweigh many already from the first steps.

Let's begin...

Consider the possibility that there are better ways to grow your business. Safer methods to make the most of your opportunities. Roads faster and predictable to offer a better experience to your customers either simply to the people around you.

Not always the one that uses "all people" is the best way to reach a predetermined goal. The result must be built through a strategy, through a process that will be influenced from your character, from your ability to interact, from your resilience to obstacles.

It is never a problem of capacity, if anything it is always just a problem of will.
It is a fact and convincing you of it will be your first goal.

You need to increase awareness of your strengths and limitations and thanks to this new self-awareness you will have the opportunity to speed up your cognitive processes extolling gifts you had forgotten to possess.

Finally you will have what it takes to win that game that you didn't even think you could play.

You will be at the center of your project and the first step depends only on you.

You have to walk in a street not accessible to everyone.
Forget the magic wand, rather roll up your sleeves and synchronize the neurons.

You must be totally collaborative, directable and a monster of execution. You must not have any prejudice towards strategic action and experimentation. You must have a strong ethos and a culture of work out of the ordinary. You must be responsible and reliable.

You'll have to work every day on what will be an integrated system performance improvement that will forever change the way you perceive e to face the problems present in your path.

Do you think you can't do it alone?

There is no need to worry. If you look well around I'm sure that you will find people able to give you a hand during your journey. Maybe we will be lucky and we will also make a piece of the road together.

In my free time I'm writing the Mastro's Code. It is not a guide to tell you what to do or what not to do, rather it is a list of tools that you can use to gain more awareness of your possibilities facing the daily challenges.

Do you want help?

Here is what kind of advice I can give you.

Often it takes just an hour to change your business forever.


  • Think how wonderful it can be if the techniques of Al Ries, Hermann Simon and Frank Merenda were applied to your marketing strategy.
  • Now hypothesize if in addition to their skills you would also have a decades of experience in developing applications and websites.
  • Imagine the exclusive advantage of having the theory of the great marketing masters applied, without compromise, to all digital platforms.
  • And now... think of what hell will become your business would become if your competitors applied all of this to your market before you. Haven't done it yet? Well, but the more you wait, the more you risk that sooner or later they will.
  • For 17 years I have led people to goals that they themselves did not think possible for their skills. I will study for you a strategy to get effective results, in less time and with less resources.


  • 24 years experience in analysis, design and software development.
  • 12 programming languages used to get the most out of every digital platform.
  • 5 operating system supported thanks to 17 years of experience with C++ and Qt libraries.
  • Web development with PHP, SQL, HTML5, CSS3 and JS at the highest level thanks to the new WebMastro framework.
  • Have you already entrusted yourself to others? No problem, with me by your side you will always be able to get what you paid for. But know that for this type of thing it is better to act as soon as possible.
  • My solutions are made to last because they are developed in advance of the common way of proceeding.

What if I told you that my advice is completely free?

Yes, it is free.

At least as long as you are able to accept certain conditions.

What are the conditions for my free advice?

  • Wait patiently for me to have some free time to dedicate to you.
  • I believe in the concept of open-source applied to each sector, so you will have to accept the fact that I will give free advice to everyone.
  • The software I will develop will always be open-source.
  • The marketing strategies that I will write will always be available to everyone.

Are these conditions not acceptable to you?

First of all, consider that my free time is extremely valuable and it is a fact that my advice will lead you to make money more effectively than before.

I studied with the best, from people who charge thousands of euros an hour for advice.

I do not look for money, I just want to help others. This is why we can always arrange for private sessions and my fee will be entirely donated to charities or associations that we will select together.

Hourly donation

EUR 1.000,00

The first hour is always paid in advance.

Hard work wins genius, if genius does not work hard.

Find out if I'm the right person at the right time...

Yes, I really want to find out!

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