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# 20

Relationship: essentially a collection of information to overcome distrust.
The more information about yourself you give, the more vulnerable you are to attack.

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Don't ask me where I got all these pills - I don't remember the sources one by one.
Some were inspired by TV (series, movies, anime), several by simply listening to people, and others from the fruit of personal reflections.

# 94
After all, there is no evolution if you don't want change.
# 106
A limited mind talks about people. A non-limited one talks about facts. An evolved mind talks about ideas.
# 72
When adults say that ”the journey matters more than the destination,” young people do not understand what it really means.
# 24
A man is no better than the pain he causes the people he loves.
# 84
If you choose the uphill road, the view will be better.
# 73
People make negative judgments only when they are insecure.
Because they are confused, they want others to feel that way too.
# 56
Each of your goals depends on the path you want to take.
# 33
We don't climb mountains to be seen by the world.
We climb mountains to see the world.
# 89
I don't like to stand out but to stand out.
# 79
The present is not everything, but there are things you can only do now.
# 32
There are no strangers in the world but only friends you don't know.
# 40
I don't believe in those things just because they make an equation possible.
# 54
When work goes the way it should, in the evening, you'll be glad to be tired.
# 9
I will give you a chance to shine.
# 70
Present who you are to sell what you do.
# 53
I know you're taking a beating from everyone but the first one through the wall is always bloodied.
They feel threatened, it's not just a way of doing business, in their mind it's a threat to the whole sport but in reality it's a threat to their livelihood, their job, a threat to the way they do things, and whenever that happens, whether it's a government, whether it's business or whatever, the people who hold the reins, who have their hand on the gearbox go out of their minds.
# 111
When I really understand my opponent, deeply enough to beat him, at that very moment, I begin to love him.
# 109
People think the purpose of memory is to recall the past, but that is not the purpose of memory. The purpose of memory is to extract lessons from the past to structure the future.
# 101
Even ulterior motives have ulterior motives.
# 34
There are many solutions to the same problem, I only provide one of many.
# 77
Commitment will never betray you.
However, it may betray your dreams.
Even if you commit, your dreams may not come true.
In fact, they normally do not come true.
But the knowledge that you are committed will help comfort you.
# 43
Sacrifice: sacer facio = to make sacred
It is interesting to understand how this word was used to ”manipulate” people.
# 42
When you wear a mask so long you feel empowered to do things you wouldn't otherwise do.
# 110
Those who dream during the day (and not just at night) always have an advantage.
# 2
When you're in quicksand, move as little as possible.
# 10
It starts by beginning.
# 35
Q: Do you believe in God?
A: I believe in the details.
# 12
When you open your mind to the impossible sometimes you discover the truth.
# 81
Can a choice made when there are no alternatives really be called a decision?
# 50
The problem with ”whiners” is that they hope that along with them everyone will fail.
In fact, if one succeeded they would no longer have the excuse of crisis but would be forced to admit that it was all their fault.
And no one ever wants to do that.
They would rather blame the system, the ”my industry is different,” the corona virus.
Beware of whiners, those who borrow to save themselves without changing the way they do things.
Because these will hate you when you succeed.
They will hate you because you are the symbol of their failure.
# 105
In other words, if you just rant that what you think is the right thing, you will never change anyone's mind.
So, the one who has to change is you.
If you are convinced that your proposal is right, you will have to exploit the ”wrong rule” to get the ”right answer” accepted.
All it takes is a coat of paint and you can camouflage it into an opinion with which everyone will agree.
Thus, without distorting the essence, you will be able to get your proposal accepted.
# 65
Copying others will not give you the answers you seek.
# 90
You can learn from everything, not everyone.
# 13
Hey honey, you don't drink the poison hoping it will kill your enemy too.
# 61
Back you go only to take a run-up.
# 112
In life you go up by ladder and down by elevator.
# 19
When an idea circulates it still provides a target for someone, even if only to refute.
# 1
Sometimes we need someone to show us something we can't see for ourselves--and then we change forever.
# 99
Evolution takes millennia. Changing within a lifetime is a historical event.
# 46
Love makes you lose attention to detail.
# 7
Only by considering your exceptionalism as a virtue will you find peace.
# 14
I trust only two people in the world. One is me and the other is not you.
# 59
It's boring if you don't try new options when you know they exist.
# 63
The greatest victory is to play a game with no regrets.
# 97
There is no worse thing than growing old without growing up.
# 60
He who laughs at determination, weeps at determination.
# 62
Q: ”How many failures are you willing to endure before you reach your goal?”
A: ”As many as it takes.”
# 68
It's easier to do something than to worry about it.
# 11
Perception is essentially an emotional response. We see the world according to how we feel.
# 28
Holding a grudge is like drinking poison and believing that it is the other person who dies.
# 74
Q: Why do you do it? (to help people)
A: That's a good question. I'm going to look for a good answer (leaving the room).
# 107
Civility is what keeps us civilized. Take away one, you can't count on the other.
# 58
Experience + instinct = intuition
# 69
We should be so wise as to express an opinion only when asked and only to those who do.
# 66
Baby steps to giant strides.
# 51
Sometimes you need to turn the microscope the other way, because the thing you are looking at is not as big as you think it is.
# 103
You cannot expect to understand a situation by looking at it from only one perspective.
# 25
As a wise friend of mine said you have enough blood to fill your heart or your dick-not both.
# 22
The choice you refuse to make will also be the choice others make for you.
# 85
There is no elevator to success, however, there are stairs.
# 45
If you start from the back you will never come first.
# 92
A single failure is the same as a single success: what really matters is how you act afterwards.
# 71
Apophenia (from Greek ἀποφαίνω, «to appear, to bring into light, to make become») can be defined as the recognition of patterns or connections in random or meaningless data. The term was coined in 1958 by Klaus Conrad,[1] who defined it as an ”unfounded view of connections” accompanied by ”abnormal meaningfulness”.
# 30
He was the kind of man who made you feel important even though he was the important person.
# 55
Be careful not to confuse an opinion about something with knowledge about something.
# 76
Will you stop conforming to others?
Doesn't it make you ashamed to blame others for your ineptitude, clumsiness, and foolishness?
# 8
You are just the person I hoped you would turn out to be.
# 83
You don't need to be understood by others. Face as much adversity as you want, strive as much as you want, challenge your limits as much as you want. Savor the success you have achieved with your own hands. If you have chosen your own path, don't be confused by what others say. This is what it means to live free.
# 82
If you are going to be a coach someday, it will happen that you will leave someone out, people who have worked hard, who have given everything. Encourage them, reward their efforts with due recognition.
”These past two years you have worked really hard. The trainings have been tough. The fierce competition. Pain and frustration have become your traveling companions. But you did not give up. You stayed until the end. Keep it up -- make me prouder and prouder.”
# 104
Become a man who can understand people who are not capable.
# 80
If my every wish was granted.
If I could have everything,
I would never ask for anything.
Anything offered on a silver platter would not be real and would one day end up disappearing.
So I will keep looking.
# 31
The best teacher is failure.
Choose what you like to do and fail until you get good at it.
# 91
If the strong used only their strength, the weak would only need to exploit their weakness to win.
# 39
Diamonds are just carbon elements aligned in the dullest possible way.
# 108
Success is like getting pregnant: everyone congratulates you but no one knows how many times you've been screwed.
# 48
Raw nuggets polish by colliding with each other.
# 16
Experience is also a perceptual limitation. We better understand what we know.
# 98
The best way to predict the future is to create it.
# 102
Use the shitty period to fertilize your future.
# 67
If ”buts” opened doors for you, you'd be at the top by now.
# 93
Every mistake before it was a mistake was a choice.
# 78
Helping others should not become a way to hurt yourself.
# 29
If you want to make God laugh tell him what plans you have.
# 26
The rightest advice is not always the advice you need.
# 87
If knowledge can create problems, ignorance certainly does not solve them.
# 44
The answer is only important when you ask the right question.
# 5
Hard work beats talent if talent does not work hard.
# 95
When I started with this charade of teaching others, for a time I wanted them to do the same things I did, or the things I wanted to do but could not.
One day, though, I got curious about how others thought.
They were different from me and they were not my pawns.
I realized this very obvious thing, and from that day on, teaching others was no longer a farce.
# 88
But the Hero's task is also this: part of the journey is the end.
# 100
One follows one's teacher to learn, not to copy.
# 75
Did you say you have no talent?
Correct that way of thinking.
Those who do not even strive to succeed have no right to envy those who are talented.
Incompetent people will remain so until they try to imagine the efforts employed by one who has succeeded instead.
# 17
Intelligence is often misused as a term. The correct one would be imagination.
We can understand not only what we know but also what we can imagine.
# 86
Winning helps to win.
# 6
The universe is expanding because time is progressing.
# 96
The head must be lost in two, otherwise it is an execution.
# 37
Knowledge of others is called wisdom.
Knowledge of yourself enlightenment.
# 41
You don't need to understand a tool to use it.
# 52
Victory always comes at a price.
# 18
You can't change people but you can leverage who they really are.
# 49
People tend to call experience what are actually mistakes. But life is often unforgiving, and when you really make mistakes, you don't gain any experience.
# 47
For spiritual stuff you gotta turn to the East.
“Picture a wave. In the ocean. You can see it, measure it, its height, the way the sunlight refracts when it passes through. And it’s there. And you can see it, you know what it is. It’s a wave.
And then it crashes in the shore and it’s gone. But the water is still there. The wave was just a different way for the water to be, for a little while. You know it’s one conception of death for Buddhists: the wave returns to the ocean, where it came from and where it’s supposed to be.”
# 15
Dominant dynamics: difference between group (set of individualities) and mass (set of characteristics).
# 4
There are not problems and solutions, but facts and consequences.
Until one of these consequences occurs they are all statistically valid, some more, some less.
The analysis of facts leads to the list of consequences.
Studying the consequences leads to reconsidering the facts from different points of view.
This aspect generates other possible consequences and eliminates others that are decidedly more unlikely.
# 64
Now you are putting up your resistance.
# 21
Activators: your weaknesses or characteristics.
# 38
Philosophy is concerned with questioning the obvious.
# 3
The hardest thing to see is often the most obvious.
# 27
A martyr does not choose to be one.
# 23
In doubt the fool sees a problem, the wise an opportunity.
# 57
Those who do not see the opponents in front of them can never defeat those who will come later.
# 36
Q: You are a monster.
A: Let's say I feed the monsters.

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