Hard work wins genius, if genius does not work hard.

I have always seen myself as a normal person with an out of the ordinary curiosity.

I'm the silent guy in a corner, the one you will not even notice.
I do not like being in the center of attention and as soon as I can I defilate myself, unless the discourse touches a tantalizing topic.

I'm not a competitive person, at least until I enter the competition.
And I care not to compete.
Competition is an ancient concept, now outdated.

You collaborate or do not collaborate.
If you arrive first, I learn from you.
If I arrive first, you learn from me.

The choice that will always repay you will be to give me carte blanche.
Simple! Because I like to win, but I like to win together more.
I live in the constant search for the best ways to do something and this continues process of information leads me to walk roads not always understandable at first.

Then, if you have the courage to follow me, you will see that every piece of the puzzle will fit perfectly into the right place at the right time and everything will be clear, of a disarming simplicity.

Short resume

  • 29 years of experience in analysis, design and software development.
  • 26 years of experience in problem-solving strategies.
  • 8 programming languages used to get the most out of every digital platform.
  • 5 operating system supported thanks to 22 years of experience with C++ and Qt libraries.
  • Web development with PHP, SQL, HTML5, CSS3 and JS at the highest level thanks to WebMastro, the framework I developed to get the most out of current technologies.

29 years of software development experience for 5 different operating systems.

Since 1995 I have created several applications for Windows, MacOSX, Linux, Raspberry and OS/2.

Since 2004 I have brought my programming experience also in the development of web application.


14 years


24 years

Qt libraries

22 years


16 years


14 years


12 years


10 years


10 years


11 years

Fortran 77

3 years


3 years

Vic 20 Basic

My first small step...

My latest projects...

BeeBEEP OpenSource Free

The free office messenger chosen by important companies that have their privacy and security at heart.

BeeBEEP in action

BeeBEEP is the office messaging application that does not need an external server to let users communicate with each other.
Messages are encrypted and delivered directly to the recipient, without intermediaries, through one of the block encryption algorithms safest in the world (Rijndael, known by many as AES).
Very easy to use, BeeBEEP is used every day by 347,862 people.
In your office, in your laboratory, at school, at home, in the hospital or in any other activity having the need for security and privacy, BeeBEEP is the best way to keep your private messages safe.

CopyMastro OpenSource Free

The copy and backup utility most used by professionals to secure their hard drives full of important data.

CopyMastro in action

CopyMastro is an open-source application for copying, synchronizing and backing up files and folders.
You no longer have to worry about names that are too long or errors during copying that block the whole process. Launch the backup and let CopyMastro take care of the rest.
Whatever your operating system, whatever your copying problem, with CopyMastro you won't have to think about it anymore.
An indispensable program when it comes to copying entire hard disks or network folders (in this sector, thanks to the multi-thread copy, it was developed to be the fastest in the world).
In the last year, thanks to CopyMastro, I successfully copied 143,507,829 files.


The framework that defines a new internet programming standard. Use it today to develop tomorrow's web applications and sites.

WebMastro source code

WebMastro is a framework for developing web applications. I created it because I needed a modular tool, perfectly scalable and not already on the market.
Written entirely in PHP it generates HTML5 and CSS3 files with interactive features in Javascript.
WebMastro elegance is second only to its speed of execution.
In this first phase I limited its use to only these websites:
- www.beebeep.net
- www.marcomastroddi.com
- dgsaie.mise.gov.it
- www.lauragalliarchitetto.com

The numbers of my latest projects...

(Statistics continuously updated by collecting anonymous data)


Updates and new versions.


At home or in business.


My software is distributed worldwide.


Operating systems:
Windows, Linux, MacOSX, Raspbian, OS/2.


BeeBEEP, CopyMastro and WebMastro.


Marco Mastroddi.

...and where they are used in the world.

(Statistics made by analyzing anonymized data in 2019)

(*) Users in 2019 from Google Analytics

And most importantly...

26 years of experience in problem-solving strategies.

Since 1998 I lead people to achieve goals that they consider impossible for their skills.

Maybe I'm not the most titled person to ask for advice, but you'll find out that I'm one of the most qualified to give it to you.

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